Industrial USB to 4 port RS232 Adapter
Shentek 11004 USB to 4 port RS232 Adapter Industrial FTDI Serial Converter High Speed 921.6kbps transfer rate Din Rail Wall Mount Kit design shentek releases USB to 4 port RS-232 Adapter Industrial Serial Converter The product supports 15KV ESD protection for all Serial ports, it is great way to protect your USB Host port. [...]
U.2 Low Profile PCI Express Card
Shentek 52050 x 4 PCI Express to SFF-8643 Adapter for PCIe NVMe U.2 SSD Card shentek releases 1 port U.2 SFF-8639 ( NVMe M.2 SFF8639 ) PCI Express x 4 lanes Card. The card allows to add U.2 HDD 2.5" to your system. That transfer rate is up to 32Gbps. What is fast storage [...]
Application We have introduced some example of automatic robotic arms. Today we are going to introduce the application of closed-circuit television used in factories. Monitoring all the manufacturing process through CCTV needs higher transmission speed than controlling robotic arms. The serial port can’t meet the needs. If you change to other converters, you need one [...]